Biraj Bahu

  • Kamini Kaushal: Biraj Chakravorty
  • Abhi Bhattacharya: Nilambar Chakravorty
  • Shakuntala: Punnu Chakravorty
  • Pran: Deodhar
  • Randhir: Pitambar Chakravorty
  • Bikram Kapoor:
  • Manorama: Sundari
  • Iftekhar: Kishorilal / Deodhar assistant
  • Moni Chatterjee:

Biraj Bahu (Hindi: बिरज बहू, Biraj Bahu ) is an Indian film adaptation of Bimal Roy in 1954, the Hindi film is based on the history Biraj Bou Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay of. .


Nilambar Chakravorty belongs to a poor family. His married brother Pitambar, the younger sister Punnu and his wife Biraj living in his house. He is known for his good nature, whereupon Pitambar it exploits its naivety, the house to share and acquire a piece of land, but under a false name. Since Nilambhar is unemployed, he and his wife now have to live in deplorable conditions.

Added to this is that Deodhar, a rich young man who has an eye cast on the beautiful Biraj. He wants to be with her and make her a better life without money worries. He hires even Birajs maid Sundari, to lure them to him.

One day goes Nilambar for two days to a funeral in the nearby town. When he comes back home, told him that Biraj was seen near Deodhar's whereabouts. Nilambar she talks to it, but she refuses to make a statement. Therefore, he asks her to leave the house, and Biraj goes.

Biraj not return again. There are rumors that she has run away with Deodhar and now leads a comfortable life. In reality, however, Biraj was kidnapped on that day and carried to Deodhar boat. After she regained consciousness, she immediately jumps out of the boat. When she wakes up, she is in a hospital.

She escapes from the hospital and is on his way home long. Due to the bad weather conditions, already aggravated their already unstable health condition. Nevertheless, they finally reached the threshold of their house. But even in Nilambars arms she breaks down what they call a doctor. Unfortunately, he can not help Biraj and she died that same night.


The lyrics to music by Salil Choudhury wrote Prem Dhawan.


Filmfare Award 1956

  • Filmfare Award / Best Director Bimal Roy to
  • Filmfare Award / Best Actress Kamini Kaushal at


  • Filmfare Award / Best Film at Hiten Choudhury
  • International Film Festival of Cannes 1955 nominated for the Palme d'Or


The film is a remake of Amar Mullicks Bengali film Biraj Bou, which was created in 1946 for New Theatres. He continues the already with Parineeta (1953 ) initiated efforts to transfer Bengali literary works in the Hindi film. As an assistant director Asit Sen who later became director worked.