Birdy Airlines

Birdy Airlines SA was a short-lived Belgian airline to operate their machines for airline SN Brussels Airlines and was taken over in 2004 by this.


After the Sabena airline filed for bankruptcy in November 2001, was its subsidiaries Delta Air Transport (DAT ) and have been able to maintain flight operations on European routes. However, the DAT had neither the capital nor a suitable type of aircraft, to continue the long-haul flights of Sabena. The Belgian entrepreneur Victor Hasson and Georges Gutelman who had been co-chaired the airlines Eurobelgian Airlines and City Bird, acquired the rights African range of the former Sabena and founded in early 2002 Birdy Airlines. This should be flown on several African routes again. For this purpose, three machines of the type Airbus A330, which previously were in use at Sabena, the company leased in February 2002.

Meanwhile, the DAT had with the SN Airholding found a new investor and was renamed to SN Brussels Airlines. Even before Birdy Airlines resumed its flight operations, the company was able to conclude a cooperation agreement with SN Brussels Airlines. The three machines were then given a coat in colors of SN Brussels Airlines and were used from April 26, 2002 these on wet lease to the African routes. The long-haul flights were profitable and achieved an average seat load factor of 80 percent. Before the end of the 30-month lease, SN Brussels Birdy Airlines submitted a bid. On 27 October 2004 Birdy Airlines has been fully integrated into the SN Brussels.

Used aircraft

  • 3 Airbus A330 -300 ( OO -SFM, SFN OO - OO -SFO)