Birgit Cullberg

Birgit Cullberg Ragnhild ( pronunciation: [ ˌ biɹ ː ː git kɵl bæɹʝ ], born August 3, 1908 in Nyköping, † September 8, 1999 in Stockholm) was a Swedish choreographer.

Cullberg studied ballet under Kurt Jooss and Lilian Karina. From 1952 to 1957 she was employed by the Royal Ballet in London. It was then in 1960 director and choreographer at the Stockholm City Theatre. There they established the so-called " Cullbergballett " to life, the celebrated worldwide success. Horace Engdahl coined the saying that Birgit Cullberg Birgit Åkesson and the " mothers of modern dance in Sweden " are. The Stockholm University awarded her an honorary professorship. In addition, she received the French award Commendeur des Arts et Lettres and the Italian Cavaliere Ufficiale.

Birgit Cullberg was married from 1942 to 1949 with the actor Anders Ek. She is the mother of the director and the choreographer Mats Ek, Niklas Ek and Malin Ek.