Birgit Fischer

Birgit Fischer ( 2013)

Birgit Fischer ( born February 25, 1962 in Brandenburg ( Havel ) ) is a German canoeist. With eight gold and four silver medals she is the most successful German Olympionik sports history and the second most successful Olympian ever.


Birgit Fischer was born as the third of four children. She visited in 1968 first the polytechnical school and changed on the basis of their sporting talents in 1975 on children and youth sports school ( KJS ) in Brandenburg ( Havel ). With the transfer of this school in 1976 she moved to Potsdam in the boarding of the Army Sports Club forward Potsdam, to which this KJS was connected. 1982 ended Birgit Fischer, the school with the Abitur (due to the time requirements for competitive sports, there was the normal school expiration different timeline, so that the successful degree usually required a longer period of time ).

Birgit Fischer was married from 1984 to 1993 by canoe racers Jörg Schmidt and has made ​​this marriage a son and a daughter. Today she lives with her family in Brandenburg an der Havel and in Bollmannsruh (municipality Paewesin ) on Lake Beetz.

Her older brother Frank Fischer and his daughter Fanny Fischer are also successful canoeists.

In 2006, she became involved as a " boat unionist " for the German Society for Sea Rescue ( GMRS ). The annual temporary " boat steward " arises for his term volunteer for promotional activities by essentially funded by donations GMRS available.

Education and work

As a member of the ASK Potsdam Birgit Fischer was at the same time members of the army ( an army officer ) of the NVA in the service position Sportinstrukteur, which she held until 1990 ( last rank Major) since 1980. 1982 Birgit Fischer began to study law, but broke it off because of competitive sports in 1983. For this, they began in 1984 to study sports science at the German University of Physical Culture ( DHfK ) in Leipzig, which they in 1991 graduated with a degree in physical education teacher (due to the settlement of DHfK ) at the University of Leipzig. An additional study on the " Theory and methods of physical education ", she completed successfully in 1991 at the University of Potsdam. 1999/2000, she completed a two- year distance learning for sports and tourism managers in the IST Dusseldorf, after which they founded their company canoe fish on 1 March 2004.

Sports career


At the age of six years Birgit Fischer as her brothers came by her father Karl- Heinz Fischer for canoe racing and was a member of the BSG Stahl Brandenburg. Her father was also her first instructor. Her second and more important coach was 1970-1975 Harald Brosig, who promoted so critical that they could be delegated to the KJS. There in the forward ASK Potsdam she was trained up to their career to the end of 1988 by Lothar Schäfer.

Her first Olympic gold Birgit Fischer won in 1980 in Moscow in the team of the GDR in one kayak over 500 meters, their last in 2004 in Athens four-man kayak also over 500 meters. At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, she was the flag bearer for the German team. No other athlete had such a long period of time so successful in an Olympic sport. With the Langerringen of eight gold medals Birgit Fischer is the most successful German Olympic participants. In the history of the Olympic games five athletes were only successful, including only one woman (as of July 2012).

Overall, Birgit Fischer 27- times world champion, eight times Olympic champion and twice European champion.

Since January 2005, Birgit Fischer started again for their original club, now WSV Stahl Brandenburg, whose honor it is a member since the early 1990s.

In the summer of 2007, she had announced to launch a comeback attempt to take part in the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. In February 2008, she announced that she was unable due to increased work commitments, to exercise regularly to the extent required and therefore give up this project.

In the fall of 2011, she announced to want to fight for a place in the German Olympic team again in the spring of 2012, but had to retire because of health problems.

Track record in the Olympics

Birgit Fischer participated since 1980 in a total of six Olympic Games in part. Only at the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles, she was unable to attend because of the boycott of several countries of the Eastern Bloc, including East Germany. They won their participation twelve Olympic medals, including eight gold medals. Their dominance in an Olympic sport for so many years brought Birgit Fischer even an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

  • Soviet Union 1955 1980 Moscow One kayak 500m gold medal
  • Kayak four 500m gold medal
  • One kayak 500 m silver medal
  • Spain 1992 Barcelona One kayak 500m gold medal
  • Kayak four 500m silver medal
  • United States Atlanta in 1996 Kayak four 500m gold medal
  • Kayak two 500 m silver medal
  • Australia 2000 Sydney Kayak four 500m gold medal
  • Kayak two 500 m gold medal
  • Greece Athens 2004 Kayak four 500m gold medal
  • Kayak two 500 m silver medal
  • At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing Birgit Fischer worked no more than Active, but as an expert for the TV station ZDF. She accompanied the television broadcasts of the canoe competitions live from the Olympic Rowing - Canoeing Park, Shunyi.


Fischer is committed to the FDP and candidate in the European elections of 1999 on list number two as an independent candidate of the Liberal without being a member of the FDP. However, the FDP failed to make it to the European Parliament. The Board of Trustees of Liberal Network Foundation Birgit Fischer works with, she is also engaged in the field of nature conservation diverse. In August 2007, she also stood for an ad motif of the Initiative New Social Market Economy is available.