Birgit Schrowange

Birgit Schrowange ( born April 7, 1958 in Nehden ( now a district of Brilon), North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany ) is a German television presenter.


The trained paralegal Birgit Schrowange began her television career at the WDR in 1978 as an editorial assistant and moderated there regional magazine " Current Hour" (1984). In 1983 she joined the ZDF, where she worked as a program announcer until 1994. From January to September 1994 moderated Schrowange the monthly consignment The German hit parade in the then South-West radio before moving to RTL in October 1994.

Since 13 October 1994, she hosted there weekly infotainment show Extra - The RTL magazine, in which she in April 2000 in a Anmoderation with the sentence about disabled people " There are people who are so ugly that they would be glad can itself never to meet on the street " made ​​negative headlines. In addition, she hosted 23 November 1995 to 2004 the lifestyle magazine Life! - The desire to live.

On May 22 In 1987, Schrowange in the sequence Eventually, the detective series A case for two Best Supporting Actress with Rosi.


By 2008 Schrowange acted as advertising for wearer Adler fashion stores before this task was taken over in January 2008 by Veronica Ferres after the chain was acquired by a remediation company, the new management of the company by Ferres separated. Ferres ' successor was again Birgit Schrowange.


Schrowange was from 1998 to 2006 with her then RTL colleagues Markus Lanz ( Twilight - The Magazine ) romantically involved, with whom she shared a son (* 2000). She is a single mother.

Honors and social commitment

  • 2008: Medal of the Order of Merit for their commitment to tackle child poverty
  • Schrowange is honorary patron of the German children of World Vision Germany price.
  • In addition, it is since 1995 member of the board of the German Childhood Cancer follow-up - Foundation for the chronically ill child in Tannheim in the Black Forest, which works for the rehabilitation of chronically ill children and their families.