Birthe Wilke

Birthe Wilke ( born March 19, 1936) is a Danish singer.

Raised in Copenhagen, she won as a young girl already a talent competition, and was 20 years old she recorded her first record: a version of Doris Days Que Sera, Sera. After a title for it and the singer Gustav Winckler was selected at the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, this could represent the first Danes their country at the Euro Vision Song Contest in 1957. The duet Skibet skal sejle i nat (English: The ship sets tonight in lake ) completed the two singers with a long kiss, which caused to the time for indignation. Finally, she reached the third place.

Alone she participated in the Euro Vision Song Contest 1959 again and arrived with her cheerful song Uh, jeg ville jeg var dig ønske (German: Uh, I wish I were you ) fifth. At that time she had appearances in Germany, Poland and the USA. From the mid- 1960s, she retired into private life.

Pictures of Birthe Wilke