Bisbee (Arizona)

Cochise County


Bisbee, formerly known as "Queen of copper deposits ", is a city with administrative headquarters in Cochise County in the U.S. state of Arizona. Bisbee has 6,177 inhabitants (as of 2005) on an area of 12.5 km ². The population density of 488.8 / km ². Bisbee is located near the border with Sonora, Mexico.


Bisbee was founded in 1880, after there rich copper, gold and silver deposits were discovered. The city was named in honor of Judge DeWitt Bisbee. Because of mining in the Mule Mountains and the population rose sharply. 1910 Bisbee became the largest urban area of the county with around 25,000 inhabitants. 1929 Bisbee Countyseat was the county. Between 1910 and 2000 the population declined, however, continuously to around 6200 inhabitants, as the ore deposits gradually exhausted. Between 1974 and 1975, the last remaining mines were closed, but the extraordinary architecture and mining landscape has been preserved and makes the city until today a well-known and attractive tourist area.

During the century-long mining were in the various mines of the urban area a total of around 8 billion pounds of copper (~ 4 million tonnes), 102 one million ounces of silver ( ~ 3.6 t) and 2.8 million ounces of gold (~ 98, 8 kg) promoted. In addition there were several million pounds of zinc, lead and manganese.

Mineral discoveries

With around 500 detected minerals and their varieties Bisbee is one of the richest mineral Fund territories worldwide. For the minerals Chalkoalumit, Graemit, Henryit, Paramelaconit and Shattuckit Bisbee is also a type locality.


Bisbee is located at the intersection of Arizona State Route 80 and Arizona State Route 92