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  • Games of Skeid Oslo ( since 2007)
  • Games of Lyn Oslo ( since 2010)
  • Final in NM Cup Women (since 2006)
  • Bislett Games in the IAAF Diamond League
  • European Athletics Championships 1946
  • Speed ​​skating at the Olympic Winter Games 1952
  • Concerts

The Bislett Stadion is a built 1917-1922 sports stadium in Oslo district of St. Hans Haugen, Norway.


The stadium is an athletics and football stadium with field dimensions 105 mx 68 m. It has seating for 15,400 spectators (of which 3,500 covered) and including 300 VIP seats and 250 seats for journalists and commentators. Previously also speed skating competitions were held. It is the most famous sports stadium in Norway. In the stadium in speed skating world records and more than 60 world records have been set in track and over a dozen. The sports complex was named by the magazine Sports Illustrated ranked 5 of the best sports facilities of the 20th century.

In 2004 the stadium was torn down to make way for a new stadium. The new building led by the construction company NCC Construction A / S; which is also the Telenor Arena has built. The old six -lane track was removed and replaced an 8-lane athletics track with the plastic covering Polytan WS. The new stadium was opened in summer 2005. Since 2006, the Norwegian football cup final of the women (NM Cup) will be held at Bislett Stadium.


In 1946, the European Athletics Championships were held here from 23 to 25 August. Since 1965, every year the Bislett Games track and field meet takes place. Only in 2004 was forced to move the event because of the conversion to Bergen.


On 24/06/1953 Norway lost Bislett Stadium, the qualifier for the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland with 2:3 ( 2:2 ) against the Saarland before 22,000 spectators. Referee of the match was Johan Bronkhorst from Holland.

Speed ​​Skating

The railway was opened in 1909. The speed skating competitions of the Olympic Winter Games in 1952 and ten speed skating all-around European Championships were held here. In 1986, the speed skating track was closed after the speed skating all-around European Championships.

This and that

The Norwegian writer Dag Solstad has in his novel Shame and dignity (1994, German 2007), set in Oslo, the old Bislett Stadium created a small memorial:

"He [ Elias Rukla ] was about to cross the road, first to Bislett bathroom, then walk past the stadium as he stabbed the aesthetic vision of the Bislett stadium on the other side of the road in the eye. Bislett Stadion is a really charming, he thought. Art Deco. An ornament for the city. Small, but that it was the largest stadium in a European capital, but what glorious dimensions. And then the strange acoustics had been with their echo of the concrete walls when enthusiastic roar met her and thrown back, he thought [ ... ]. "


Input No. 1 of the Bislett stadium

Panoramic view of the sports facility