The Biu Plateau, also called Bui Plateau, is up to 817 m high volcanic mountain in the southwest of the Nigerian state of Borno.


The Biu Plateau covers an area of 500 km ² and is located in the center at an altitude of about 650 meters above sea level. It is a region in Nigeria, where the climate is similar to the Bauchiplateaus. The plateau forms a watershed between the Niger basin and the Chad Basin. Its highest elevations are the 817 meter high Wiga Hill and the 775 -meter-high Wade Hill.

Geologically, the Biu Plateau to a number of volcanic regions extending along the Cameroon line to North Africa. Its main activity phase had the volcanoes of the plateau in the Pliocene, which is the presumed until 900,000 years extended the activity phase. The Biu Plateau flow the greatest tributaries of the Gongola, this is the Hawal and Gungeru.


In the 19th century, the Biu Plateau was an important refuge for the non-Muslim population of Northern Nigeria, who fled the Fulani and their leader Usman dan Fodio. Usman started in 1804 the jihad of the Fulani in Northern Nigeria, judging the one of Sokoto Caliphate.