Bizarro (Six Flags New England)

Bizarro at Six Flags New England ( Agawam, Massachusetts, United States) is a steel roller coaster from the model mega coaster manufacturer Intamin that on 5 May 2000 as Superman: Ride of Steel was opened. Under this name they went to 2008.

It has a 63 m high lift hill, a 67 m high descent and is 1646 m long. In the years 2003, 2006 and 2007, she won the Amusement Today Golden Ticket Award for Best Steel Roller Coaster.

Bizarro has two trains with nine cars. In each car four people can (two rows of two people) take place. Passengers must be large between 1.37 m and 1.93 m in order to ride may.


  • 2001 did not stop one of the trains at the end of the ride due to a major defect in the brakes. This train collided with another train standing in the station, which 22 people were injured.
  • 2004 crashed a man while driving in the last corner out of his seat and was killed. The accident happened on the one hand from the error of the operator who controlled the safety bar is not correct, and due to the size of the driver to the other. After the accident, the park has converted the seats with extra metal brackets that enclose the legs of the other passengers.

Pictures of Bizarro (Six Flags New England)