BK Astrio

Bollklubben Astrio is a Swedish football club based in Halmstad. The club is best known for its women's team, which could take two seasons in the first division.


BK Astrio was founded on July 30, 1933. The football players participating in the establishment of the association were based in the naming of the Austrian team Austria Wien. For a long time the team played only in the lowest classes of the Swedish league pyramid. At the end of the season in 1973 for the first time succeeded in rising into the fourth highest league. There, the club was able to prove at once the third place, four points were missing at the end of the season to climb. In the following years the team was able to place in the front ranks of the league. In 1979 succeeded the championship and the associated rise in the third league.

The first year in the third division was able to successfully make the team of BK Astrio, at the end of season one was equipped tied and with the same goal difference as Varberg BoIS, but had scored four goals more. This meant participation on the rise playing for second division, in which, however, Västra Frölunda IF and Trelleborg FF interspersed. In the following season, the club fell again in the fourth league. There, the club moved in the following years in the gray middle that at the reorganization of the Swedish league system crash followed in the Division 4, the fifth- highest division. In 1989, the return to the fourth division and the following year even the walkover in the third division. Here come midfield places before 1993 re descent was clear as Table and the club was passed in the following year in the fifth division. There, too, went into the following seasons against relegation, but could be avoided.

From 1999 BK Astrio played back with the front, but the rise was missed as runner-up by three points. In 2001, the team qualified for the promotion of games in which they failed, however. Two years later, the new collection was achieved in the promotion playoffs, because of the goal difference was the ascent just missed. A year later it was no chance in the relegation round to win only one point. While in 2005 meant the third runner-up in sequence again only to participate in the promotion round, the team remained in this point without loss and reached the Division 3, which was, however, due to a restructuring of the leagues pyramid again only the fifth division. From there, however, the club was relegated directly and currently plays only sechstklassig.

The women's team of the club is more successful than the men's team. While this never got beyond the third division, the women were twice qualified for the Damallsvenskan. 1991 and 2000, the season was completed, however, each end of the table and thus missed each of the league. A total of five wins and a draw to book from the two seasons. 2001, the team got down even to the third tier, but could create direct resurgence. However, it was 2004 again in the third and a year later in the fourth league.

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