Black Dice

Black Dice is an experimental noise group from Brooklyn, New York City.


Black Dice were formed in the spring of 1997, shortly after the guitarist Bjorn Copeland drummer Hisham Bharoocha met at the Rhode Iceland School of Design. Together with Bjorn's brother Eric Copeland as a singer and bassist Sebastian Blanck was the band together in their first constellation. The early music of Black Dice has been described as -influenced by Trash Core Noise. They released several 7 " s and toured for a short time before Blanck left the band and was replaced by Aaron Warren. 1999 the band moved to New York City and began to experiment with the sound more so that more pedals were added to their equipment. their sound changed from their early punk style similar towards the motor and dub -like noise rock.

They are also known as part of the artist network Fort Thunder in Providence, where Lightning Bolt initially lived and werkten.

Attention gained by the Black Dice record contract with Fat Cat and DFA Records. Their first album on the label, Beaches & Canyons, as well as her sophomore album Creature Comforts were known. However, the band had to suffer setbacks, because the drummer Bharoocha moved to Japan, the long-planned tour had to be canceled with the friendly band Animal Collective.

Now just as a trio Black Dice took on Australia in Broken Ear Record ( 2005). Without a drummer, the music changed again, to Afrobeat and breakbeat. In the course of the career, the band toured on five continents with artists such as The Residents or Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Noah Lennox of Animal Collective said in a 2005 interview about Black Dice: " [ ... ] I feel like the wisest things I've learned about being in a band I learned by watching them. " 2009 Lennox confirmed in an interview with the magazine Magic that he saw Black Dice as a " model for a band ":

" I feel like as a band, I can not speak for the other guys, but Certainly for myself, I like the way I Modelled approach to everything with the band watching the way Black Dice did it. " "

2007 joined the band to Paw Tracks. There, the album Load Blown was published in the same year, which included the song Kokomo. Kokomo was the first track of the band to which a music video was produced. You appeared so far last album Repo 2009.


Studio albums

  • # 3-2000
  • Cold Hands - 2001
  • Beaches & Canyons - 2002
  • Creature Comforts - 2004
  • Broken Ear Record - 2005
  • Load Blown - 2007
  • Repo - 2009
  • Mr. Impossible - 2012


  • Miles of Smiles - 2004
  • Chocolate Cherry - 2009

2004 appeared on DFA Records along with Animal Collective, the split EP WASTEred.

Pictures of Black Dice