Black Fury (film)

In a blind rage is an American film drama from 1935 by Michael Curtiz after the short story in January volkanik by Michael A. Musmanno and the play Bohunk by Harry R. Irving.


The immigrant from Eastern Europe Joe Radek has fallen in love with Anna Novak. His dream is to terminate his job as a miner to buy a farm and live there with Anna as a wife. Anna likes John, but they can not imagine a relationship with him. You will burn out with Slim Johnson. Joe is depressed and gets drunk.

At a meeting of the miners Steve Croner happen. Croner wants to break the power of the shareholders and incites the workers to a rebellion. Joe's friend Mike Shemanski, the union leader, tries to keep Joe in the union. But Joe is terminated. The mining company is a factory police, led by the bat McGee. The union is calling for a strike, the company provides a scab. Croner, who is unmasked as a spy society, leaves the city.

In one night, put McGee and his men Mike to an unequal battle. Joe comes by chance and tried to save his friend. But Mike is killed and seriously injured Joe. At the hospital, Joe is visited by Anna, who asks him for forgiveness. Only Joe wants no help from Anna, but soon changes his mind differently. With their help, he enters the mine. He threatens to blow up the well, the company should not explain willing to negotiate with the union itself. McGee tried to make Joe in the mine identified. There will be a hard fight, which ends with the fact that McGee is to Joes hostage.

Joe holds the position for a few days. Now, the company agrees to its demands a. A state investigation reveals that the company has instigated the strike. Joe and Anna are warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of the city.


The lexicon of the International film writes about the film: " Critical Social film, honest in the system, not devoid of sentimentality, but shown outstanding."

Andre Mountain Forest of the New York Times praised the excellent presentation by Paul Muni. The constant whitewashing bother, but considering that the Zensurbehörte in the film see a rebellious social document, you understand the dangers to which I exposed the studio.

Dave Kehr of the " Chicago Reader" was, Michael Curtiz had the good social drama unnoticed staged political implications, but with good pace and characterization.


1936 Paul Muni for Best lead actor was nominated for an Oscar.


The production of Warner Bros. premiered on 10th April 1935. In Germany he was first seen on October 26, 1977 as part of a TV premiere in the third program of the BR.

Due to some brutal and controversial scenes of the film in Chicago as well as in Spain, Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago and other countries was banned. The U.S. censors were indeed surprised that Joe's criminal acts such as extortion and hostage-taking were not punished, but the scenes in the film could be left. In Pennsylvania, the center of the coal industry, the film was listed without any reservations.

The murder of Mike Shemanski is based on a true story, in 1929, the miners Barkowski John was killed by three members of the plant protection. The judge who oversaw the trial of the three men was Michael A. Musmanno, who wrote his short story from these events.