Black Muscat

The red grape variety Muscat de Hambourg is a cross between Muscat of Alexandria and Trollinger ( in the literature often called Frankenthal), the origin is unknown and confirmation by DNA analysis is pending. Why the species is named after the city of Hamburg is also unknown. It is certain that she was pulled from 1836 in Hamburg under glass and took from there in 1860 its triumphant to England.

The grape is grown in large quantities as a table grape in greenhouses. The yielding variety with glossy, dark blue to black and large berries with a typical pleasant nutmeg flavor is practically pulled all over the world. Worldwide, around 20,000 hectares of vineyards were planted in 1999 with Muscat de Hambourg. Attempts to produce quality wines are mostly failed. Some sparkling wines are approaching the quality of Asti Spumante. In Germany, the wines are marketed under the name Nutmeg Trollinger.

In contrast, the production of grape juice made ​​from this variety knows a great success.

Major producing countries

  • Greece with about 3,800 acres
  • Romania with about 2900 hectares
  • Uruguay with approximately 1,800 acres
  • Portugal with about 800 acres
  • Italy with about 314 acres
  • Australia with approximately 67 acres
  • South Africa with about 32 acres


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Ethnicity: Muscat d' Alexandrie × Trollinger