Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Seen Pleasure Beach Blackpool on South Pier

53.790277777778 - 3.0555555555556Koordinaten: 53 ° 47 ' 25 "N, 3 ° 3' 20 " W

Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Blackpool Pleasure Beach to 2006 (in short: BPB), is a traditional amusement park in Blackpool ( Lancashire, England).

The park was founded in 1896 by Alderman William George Bean with the goal of " an amusement park in the American style, the fundamental principle is that adults feel like children again " to create. He is now at around 7 million visitors a year, one of the most visited theme park in Europe.

The completed in 1994 roller coaster The Big One, until the opening of Silver Star in 2002 with about 65m was the highest roller coaster in Europe.

Instead of the usual in most amusement parks entry system you pay in Blackpool no entrance fee but for each attraction individually (Tivoli principle). However, there is also offered a so-called wristband, which allows you to use all attractions unlimited.

In addition to classic theme park attractions such as carousels, roller coasters and dark rides, even quality shows are held at the Pleasure Beach at night. Special tradition, the figure skating show Hot Ice.

Existing Roller Coasters

  • Avalanche ( bobsleigh run by Mack Rides)
  • Big Dipper ( wooden roller coaster built in 1923)
  • Grand National ( wooden roller coaster built in 1935, so-called Moebius Coaster in which there are two largely parallel tracks, but the trains arrive each in the other station as they drove off. 2004 there was a fire that largely destroyed the station. The web was still built in the same year and put into operation. )
  • Infusion ( inverted steel roller coaster type SLC Vekoma, the web was previously in Southport Pleasureland )
  • Irn- Bru Revolution ( looping shuttle coaster from Arrow Dynamics )
  • The Big One (Hyper Coaster by Arrow )
  • Nickelodeon Streak ( wooden roller coaster built in 1933)
  • Steeplechase (horse roller coaster with three parallel routes )
  • Wild Mouse ( wooden Wild Mouse )
  • Blue Flyer (Family wooden roller coaster built in 1934 )

Defunct Roller Coasters

  • Circus Clown ( Children Acher train)
  • Space Invader 2 (dark roller coaster of Painters )

Attractions ( selection)

  • 4D Cinema ( digital effects cinema)
  • Valhalla (mixture of Dark Ride and flume )
  • Gold Mine ( Dark Ride )
  • River Caves ( Dark Ride )
  • Ghost Train ( ghost train )