Blacksmith Institute

The Blacksmith Institute is founded in New York in 1999 private organization that supports projects for the elimination of serious environmental pollution. Here, they work closely with NGOs and the governments concerned. Among other things, it provides strategic, technical and financial support is available by making locate experts for the problem and worried sponsors to finance the cleanup.

Named the institute is the English word for blacksmith, as these specially previously worked in the dirtiest environments while still creating useful, practical and durable things.

Lists of the most polluted places

In November 2003, the Institute began its Polluted Places Initiative to identify highly contaminated places in the world. Widely unknown places were partly via an online nomination yet been identified. These were then reviewed and reports. After contact with governments, local businesses and local stakeholders was taken.

On 18 October 2006, the Institute published its first list of the most polluted places. Previously 300 locations worldwide have been investigated and determines the 10 most polluted places. The global pollution makes people sick and is responsible for up to 20 percent of all deaths in the places listed in the list, commented Richard Fuller, director of the Institute, its results.

It was decided not to bring the places into a final ranking. It was bad enough to be on the list of the ten most polluted places in the world; one must not point to one of the cities and tell them the worst.

The Top 10 ( in alphabetical order, as of 2006)

The Top 10 ( in alphabetical order, as of 2007)

A list of the most polluted places was also re-released in 2007, this. Sometimes in cooperation with Green Cross Switzerland The places Haina, Mailuussuu, Ranipet and Rudnaja pristane are no longer in the top 10


In 2008, the Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland their system changed slightly. Rather than draw attention to a few places, they released a slightly different top 10 than in previous years: the World 's Worst Pollution problem, so those pollution problems that cause the most damage worldwide.

In addition, other lists have been created:

  • " The four most ignored environmental problems "
  • " The Top 8 of those environmental problems, particularly children's health "
  • " The Top 7 of the environmental problems in Africa "
  • " The Top 4 that environmental problems will suffer the future generations especially "

The Top 10 ( in alphabetical arrangement, Booth 2013)

2013 a list of the most polluted places has been published. Again, in cooperation with Green Cross Switzerland. The towns of La Oroya, Linfen, Sukinda, Sumqayıt, Tianying and Vapi are no longer in the top 10

World Map of Top 10