Blancpain Endurance Series

The Blancpain Endurance Series is a motor sports race series for Gran Turismo vehicles of categories GT3 and GT4. It was founded by the SRO Motorsports Group launched in 2011. It is scheduled to Langstreckencharaker the old FIA GT Championship from the first year of the millennium, which is no longer present in the portfolio of SRO - series. The original purpose angedachte FIA GT2 European Championship had to be abandoned before the actual start of the season in 2010, there were not sufficient numbers of starters came to pass. Title sponsor of the series is the Swiss company Blancpain.

Sporting Regulations


The starting field will compete in five categories. The group of GT3 cars will be divided into three categories, which differ by the driver strengths. The strength of a driver is determined by the driver categorization of the SRO, which is already used in other SRO series. Here, drivers are classified according to their previous sporting achievements and the current age in platinum, gold, silver or bronze. The following categories are advertised for GT3 vehicles:

Only valid for 24h Spa: in brackets

There will also be categories for GT4 cars and super sports cars. However, the vehicles of the Supersport categories may not participate in the 24h race at Spa- Francorchamps. Even for these two classes, there are rules on the composition and driver vehicle use:

Only valid for 24h Spa: in brackets

All five categories will be on the weekend always at the same time on the track.


The race weekend begins with two free practice sessions of 60 minutes. This is followed by a three-part qualification in which each pilot must complete a part. It will, however, be no process of elimination, it is one of the fastest lap time from the whole qualification. Each third will be 15 minutes. The only race of the weekend will be three hours and thus take up the long-distance character of the old FIA GT Championship. During the race, two pit stops have to be completed, which must always take place a driver and tire change.

For the 24h Spa another race format will apply.

Current scoring

The scoring will be done after the famous FIA scheme:

For the 24-hour race in Spa -Francorchamps, there will be duplicate scores. After six hours, the fourth points is distributed in the race according to the sequence applicable to the time of twelve hours separation period, the same process with the second fourth of the dots takes place. After the race re- scoring is performed.

In the team standings, only the highest ranked vehicle in so that teams with different numbers of vehicles ( one to three) have the same opportunities.

Technical Regulations

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The technical rules agree with that of the FIA GT3 category and the SRO regulations for GT4 and Supersport vehicles.



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