( Listen? / I ) Blaricum is a Dutch municipality in the extreme south-east of the province of North Holland near the inland seas Gooi and Eemmeer that form a natural border with the artificially created in the IJsselmeer province of Flevoland.

Location and economic

The municipality has 9099 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) and an area of 15.6 km ². Blaricum located 26 kilometers east of Amsterdam, 3 km south of Huizen, 6 km northeast of Hilversum and 15 km northwest of Amersfoort.

The community is a popular residential location in the metropolitan area between Amsterdam and Utrecht with predominantly upmarket residential areas in a landscape between the lowlands on the edge of the former IJsselmeer and the wooded and up to 25 high dunes to Hilversum. Agriculture and industry play in the commuter town next to the service sector hardly matters.


In populous metropolitan area in the center of the Netherlands, the road links are very good; the village is located on the A1 and A27 motorways. Although a direct rail link is not, but in the neighboring cities of Bussum and Hilversum, there are stations.

Schiphol International Airport is 30 km to the west.


In October In 1899, Lodewijk van Blaricum Mierop in the group Vereniging International Broederschap (literally: " Association of International Brotherhood ," VIB), which should live according to the ideals of Christian anarchism.

Pictures of Blaricum