Blech (disambiguation)

Sheet represents:

  • Sheet, a flat rolling mill finished products made ​​of metal, which is delivered as a panel
  • Baking sheet, as shorthand


  • Soon all of the brass instruments of an orchestra
  • In jazz: engl. Brass
  • The sheet metal song by the band Spliff

Number of people:

  • Abraham Friedrich sheet (1762-1830), Protestant theologian and writer
  • Benjamin sheet ( born 1933), Orthodox rabbi in New York City
  • Hans Christian sheet (1915-1993), German actor
  • Harry Blech (1910-1999), British violinist and conductor
  • Hermann sheet (1844-1910), German print shop owner and founder of the " Mülheim General Anzeiger "
  • Jörg Blech (* 1966), German science journalist and nonfiction author
  • Klaus sheet ( b. 1928 ), German diplomat and former head of the Federal President
  • Leo Blech (1871-1958), German composer and conductor
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