Blenio is the name of a new political community in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.


The resolved by the Ticino cantonal parliament on 25 January 2005 merger of the top five communes in the district Blenio, Aquila, Campo (Blenio ) Ghirone, Olivone and Torre to the new community Blenio was originally to be completed in spring 2006.

An appeal of the municipality of Aquila led to a delay. After the Federal Court had rejected the complaint on 18 April 2006, the road to fusion was free, which was given legal force on 22 October 2006. In Olivone, the largest fraction to central facilities such as municipal offices and school are concentrated. As the site of the building administration Aquila is provided.

Critics, it would create confusion, to denote the new church with the name of the valley, although it includes only the uppermost portion. Therefore, the council was made on 22 December 2006, two commissions which are to deal with a possible name change. End of August 2007 the decision was made to retain the name Blenio.


The municipality covers the entire upper Bleniotal. Ins on Greinapass beginning as Val Camadra, from Brenno in north-south direction traversed by the main valley open at Campo the Val di Campo and in the basin of Olivone the Valle Santa Maria, which provides access to Lukmanierpass.

Neighboring municipalities are Acqua Rossa, Faido, and Quinto in the Ticino Canton Medel ( Lucmagn ), Vrin, Vals and rear Rhine in the canton of Grisons.


Pictures of Blenio