Bliedersdorf ( Low German: Bliersdörp ) is a municipality in the district of Stade in Lower Saxony.

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Bliedersdorf is neighboring village along the banks, an underflow of the said castle from Horne Liihe river, extending from just in front of the place Harsefeld and flows Grunendeich into the Elbe.

The floodplain areas along the river are in the area on lease of Bliedersdorfer Fishing Association " trout ", but they are often used by the Bliedersdorfern and non-local visitors as a recreation area. Since the late 1990s, the tribute was paid to: The Auetal is now a nature reserve. Since the Auewiesen case of flooding often freeze over in winter, it formed an ideal ice surfaces, the surfaces are crossed by ditches that are safe only with intense frost.

Administrative divisions

The municipality belongs to the Bliedersdorf Samtgemeinde Horne Castle and itself comprises three districts (villages ). In addition to the main town Bliedersdorf these are also the places adjacent Post Bog and Rod Beck, however, which contribute only slightly to the population. Post Moor has been beyond the meantime attributed to the spots Horne Castle and therefore as the district is still controversial.


Bliedersdorf is a separate Lutheran church, which belongs to the parish of Buxtehude. It is connected with Horne castle in a common parish.

Population Development

Place name

Former place names of Bliedersdorf 1236 were: de Blytherstorpe, 1238 Blitherestrope de 1257 de 1257 de Blidersdorp and Blitherstorp. Low German dorp; in the first part of old people with the name Erstglied Blid, on the Old High German and altniederdeutsch Blidi, Blide " happy, cheerful " goes back, like Blidger, Blidgard, Blidfrid, Blithard, Blither, Blidhild, Blidram or Blidmar.


After the local elections in 2011, the free Wählergemeinschaft with Hans -Wilhelm Glüsen the mayor. Since 1986, the SPDler Hans -Wilhelm Glüsen headed the village, but was then replaced by Rainer Schulz. By the early withdrawal had Heiko State now holds the mayors, had to follow, however, defeated by Glüsen, which thus began his second term. After the local elections of 10 September 2006, the composition of the Council has changed. For Mayor 2001 Rainer Schulz was re-elected, the term of office from 2001 to 2006 by the votes of the CDU and SPD. After the local elections of 2006, the CDU has an absolute majority of the votes and re-elected Rainer Schulz mayor. The results of the local elections in 2011 made ​​a collaboration between two parties necessary because no won an absolute majority. The SPD and the free Wählergemeinschaft chose Hans -Wilhelm Glüsen for the third time mayor of the municipality. In two years it will leave the office and SPD provide the mayor. For the first deputy mayor Björn Glüsen (SPD ) has been selected, the second representative is Tobias Terne of the CDU.

The council is staffed as follows: [ In brackets the number of seats of the old Council are given ]

  • CDU 5 (6) seats
  • SPD 3 (3) seats
  • FWGB 3 (2) seats

Coat of arms

Blazon: The coat of arms depicts three silver rising blue tips.


St. Catherine's Church

The church was built in 1240 by the Knights of Ivan Bliedersdorf from the noble family of "by Bliedersdorfs " after he took part in the " Stedinger " fighting on the lower reaches of the Weser. The church is built entirely with field stones that were incurred on the surrounding fields. The walls are whitewashed. The construction of the church, with its solid masonry construction and the small windows leads to the conclusion that the church was also intended as a defense. The slightly raised position above the rest of the village supports this hypothesis. In 1700, a bridal house was set in half-timbered construction on the input side. The interior of the church is simple and artful at the same time. Special piece of equipment is the pulpit from 1622. Among natural images and the founding family ( family Christopher Richer ) is shown. Also donated is the so-called " confessional ", a Chorprieche that served with three seats to donors as a seat in the church after it had served as a confession. A special feature is beyond the church ceiling, which was made ​​by the then schoolmaster " teacher Sanny " and besides rich vines and roses as ornaments depicting two flying angels, holding a medallion representing the eye of God. The inscription around the eye writes: Not Sinful O people stayed the God Siehets Vnd The Holy Angels are everywhere mod you. The bell tower, with wood paneling on the Feldsteinfuß, holding two bells from the years 1444 and 1625th

Two legends entwine the St. Catherine's Church:

To this end, there is the modification that only a thumb has been included in the masonry.

The Lutheran church is Bliedersdorf parish officially connected with the Evangelical Lutheran Church congregation Horne castle. Your Foundation has long term to secure the target, the parish official supply with its own pastor. It belongs to the parish of Buxtehude and the Sprengel Stade. The church community has 1129 members.

Every year there is "smallest Christmas market in northern Germany " at the Bliedersdorfer Church on 1 Advent of. There Bliedersdorfer products are offered exclusively. The Christmas market in 2006 celebrating its 20th anniversary. The proceeds benefit charity, which will be announced at the beginning of the Christmas market.

New development areas

In Bliedersdorf there since the beginning of 2008 a new development area:

On the grounds of the former sawmill Brüggmann the community Bliedersdorf has a development area, which is marketed by a local development support. Currently two thirds of the plots are sold and one-third is planted with single-family and semi-detached houses.

Sports and Clubs

Chaired by Björn Glüsen the place with the Bliedersdorfer Sports Club 66 maintains eV his own sports club, in addition to the main division football further in the areas of gymnastics, gymnastics and athletics - and table tennis represented - along with the decrease of the sports certificate. The offer is complemented by a quite successful Taekwon -Do team. The association has 750 members (2010). A few years ago the sports field in the center was replaced by a new facility, the ' Sports Ground Drilling view, "adds. In addition, courses are held in the village hall and in the sports hall of the place Horne castle. By the construction of the sports complex, it was possible to use part of the old square for the construction of a skate course.

The Fishing Club Trout eV Bliedersdorf of 1948, the town also offers a fishing club. Here exploiting about 350 members since 1948, today chaired by Heino Wiemann the waters in the surrounding areas. Among other things, the Aue and the Liihe.

Under the Board of Rainer Kroger raises the 205 -member club " Cottage In essence Bliedersdorf eV" ( BHB) to obtain the object of old residential and commercial houses for the past few years and maintain. The old bakery is run several times a year at public meetings. In addition, the space around the restored premises of cultural events will be used.

The purpose of the " AF " is the presentation of historical peasant way of life and way of working. For this purpose, in the sense of preservation is the creation of a half-timbered house communal system, provided consisting of translocated farm houses on the site of the wedding in the forest to Bliedersdorf Drilling road. Task of the " BHB " is to initiate and conduct that are necessary to achieve the Association's objectives and the necessary means. The half-timbered house communal system should be a formative view of publicly accessible "living farmhouse Group" with cultural use of the premises as rural cultural.

13 founding members of the association " BHB " launched in February 2000 to life. Today, the club has already 170 members, both active and passive. As an energetic club he has already left his mark in the village on the community-owned land in the Drilling road.

Owned by the association " BHB " There are currently six historic buildings:

- One of Dollern, district of Stade in May 2000 translocated village community Backhaus (timbered with tile roofing ). Inauguration in the summer of 2002.

- A translocated from Helmste, district of Stade in September 2002 sheepfold (timbered with Reeteindeckung ). Inauguration in the fall of 2004.

- One of Lengenbostel - Freetz, Landkreis Rotenburg ( Wümme) in August 2008 translocated passage barn (timbered with Reeteindeckung ). Inauguration in the spring of 2010.

- One of Rahmstorf, district of Harburg, in December 2008 translocated " Small village smithy " (timbered with tile roofing ). Inauguration in the spring of 2010.

- One of Hagen- Börsten district Cuxhaven end of 1993 dismantled and intercalated in Hagen Low German hall house. In March 2003, the association " BHB " bought up ( truss ) and stored in Bliedersdorf. Since October 2010, started with the restoration of the truss. In April 2012, the work was completed. The reconstruction took place on 29 April 2013 and the construction work will be completed on 30 April 2014. Preceded for the reconstruction of the hall house was the purchase of a 3,500 m² adjoining plot of the Evangelical Lutheran church Bliedersdorf. The opening ceremony is on Friday, April 4, 2014.

- One of pearly gates, Stade dismantled in September 2010 and in Bliedersdorf intercalated small sawmill.

Already since 1967, there is a Bliedersdorfer theater group that His time has emerged from the former village youth. Since that time the Bliedersdorfer theater group has rehearsed one to two Low German theater plays per year and, for the best. Since there are the village community center, the performances will take place in the winter time on the stage mainly located therein. The group consists of about 30 members, who have made it their mission to both the Vokstheater, and the Low German language alive. Current management - Harry Löll


Bliedersdorfer asparagus is a term used in a wide radius. Harvested on fields in and around Bliedersdorf it is sold in a half-timbered farmhouse, the service offered the first company to have peel the asparagus.

Community Amenities

  • Primary school
  • Kindergarten " Ratz and turnip "
  • Village hall with hall and bowling alley
  • Sports field at the village community center with skate park
  • Sports Facilities Drilling view
  • Parish hall of the Evangelical Lutheran church
  • Fire Station
  • Home exchange at a Lower Saxon Three -column house


  • To the east of the site the megaliths of Grundoldendorf


  • Melanie Schliecker (* 1974), handball national team
  • Klaas Nuttbohm, American football player in the 1st Bundesliga and the national
  • Silke Schmitt ( born 1968 ), volleyball and beach volleyball national team