Front oil pit tip (left, 3452 m), Bliggspitze (center, 3453 m) and Eiskastenspitze (right, 3371 m) from the east.

The Bliggspitze is a mountain of Kaunergrat, a ridge of the Ötztal Alps. The Bliggspitze is with 3453 m above sea level. A. after the Watzespitze the second highest peak of this ridge. The area around the mountain is heavily glaciated. In the west, in the direction of the Kaunertal, is the Bliggferner, towards the east of Rear Eiskastenferner and northeast borders the Middle Eiskastenferner, a hanging glacier, directly to the summit area of. In the south, however, is the Front oil pit Ferner. The mountain was called in earlier times look top and he is this name just because it allows a comprehensive view of the Kaunertal valley and the peaks of the White comb alike.


It lead routes from the east from the Pitztal valley, from the west to the Kaunertal and over the ridges to the summit. In this case, all routes require as high tour mountaineering skill and ice equipment.

  • Normal: With the oil pit Furthermore, the Bliggscharte, the Bliggferner and the west flank, and finally the north ridge to the summit.
  • Direct from the south ridge Taschachtal

Risk situation

The defrosting of the permafrost in the Alps destabilizes the mountain slopes, also near the Gepatsch memory. The slope of the Bliggferners slipped in 2007 from 20 centimeters a day and thus crack the glaciated hillside structure on rapidly. Thus, the probability of a sudden slipping grew up in the reservoir. The result would be expected with a tidal wave that overcomes the dam, in the worst case is also likely to damage the dam itself. 1963 was in Italy at the Vajont dam to a similar accident in which nearly 2,000 people died.