Blind Faith

Blind Faith was a supergroup consisting of Eric Clapton (guitar), Ginger Baker (drums ), Steve Winwood (organ, piano and vocals) and Ric Grech (bass, violin), which was founded by Robert Stigwood and Chris Blackwell.

Band History

Clapton and Baker had previously played together in the band Cream, Winwood came from traffic and Grech of Family. On June 7, 1969 Blind Faith was the first - at his own request explicitly enters free - concert in London's Hyde Park in front of over 100,000 visitors, through which the group became known abruptly. In the same year the group released their only self-titled album, it is joined tours in Scandinavia and America, where Free and Delaney & Bonnie served as opening acts. Despite the success of this album and tour, there were tensions within the band, the musical ideas of the four band members were not to bring life to a common denominator. Already in September 1969 was the release of Blind Faith; shortly thereafter the band members started new music projects in which they could implement their solo leadership claims better.


The only multiple gold award-winning album of the band, Blind Faith ( August 1969 ), shows on the cover of a 11- year-old girl with a naked torso, which caused a sensation. For the cover of the American edition, therefore, a neutral photo of the band was used instead. The original version of the album has only six songs, five of his own compositions. The sixth title (track 3 on the CD) is a cover of the Buddy Holly classic Well ... All Right, which is characterized by an extraordinary coda in the form of a blue rock- oriented piano solos by Steve Winwood. Furthermore, outstanding is the 15-minute, of complex off-beat rhythm in five- four time embossed Do What You Like, with a diffizilen drum solo by Ginger Baker.

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Their 2001 release, an extended deluxe edition of the album, which contains outtakes and four each 15 -minute jams. Furthermore, appeared as bootlegs more outtakes and live recordings of various concerts.

The album reached both in the UK and in the USA # 1 and stayed in the U.S. charts 37 weeks in the Top 100, it applies in the rock music scene due to the successful synthesis of blues, rock and pop remains as milestone of British progressive blues-rock.