Home for the Blind is a municipality in the Swabian district of Dillingen on the Danube and a member of the administrative community Blenheim on the Danube.

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Home for the Blind is located in the Region of Augsburg.

Districts are home for the blind, Unterglauheim, Wolpert Stetten, Bergshausen, Sallmannsberg and Weilheim. There are the following districts: Blind Home, Unterglauheim, Wolpert Stetten.


On August 13, 1704 took place in the vicinity of the battle home for the blind, also known as the Second Battle of Blenheim (English Battle of Blenheim ) instead, which had decisive importance for the War of Spanish Succession. The Battle for Britain has great historical significance, was why, for example, Blenheim Palace, the residence of the family of the victorious John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, named after her. It was also the New Zealand city of Blenheim, with about 3000 inhabitants largest town in the Marlborough region, named after home for the blind.

The village was part of the Electorate of Bavaria and formed a closed Hofmark. In 1700, Veit had Ernst III. acquired by Rechenberg- Illereichen - Kronburg - Osterberg Home for the Blind for his two later born sons Anton Valentin Alexander and Sigmund Bero Dyonis to build a Sekundogenitur here. In 1709 the heavily devastated by the War of Spanish Succession home for the blind went over to the two heirs. When the last of them died in 1725, was inherited by his niece Maria Antonia ( 1715-1791 ) Hofmark. They sold 1765th At the end of the Empire, Blind home was owned by the Lords of Gilardi, the owner of the Allersberger Drahtzugfabrik Jacob Gilardi. Created in 1818 the current municipality. The resulting instead of Hofmark patrimonial in 1849 disbanded.


On 1 May 1978, the former municipalities Unterglauheim and Wolpert Stetten were incorporated.


The council has twelve members. Since the local elections of 2008, the seats are distributed on the following lists:

  • CSU / CDU Association: 1 seat
  • WE community list: 2 seats
  • Biirgerblock Unterglauheim: 3 seats
  • Free Wählergemeinschaft Wolpert Stetten: 1 seat
  • Free citizens list: 5 seats

Mayor since 1984 Wilhelm Gumpp ( CSU / FWV ).

Coat of arms

The coat of arms description reads: Under a red shield head, in a continuous silver beams cross at an angle divided by silver and black, covered by a golden winning natural Aquarius with two bent golden fish tails, holding a red barrel in his right hand a red halberd and in the left, from the silver water flows.


  • Catholic parish church of St. Martin
  • Catholic branch church of St. Nicholas ( Wolpert Stetten )
  • Tram Museum Munich tram company ( under construction)


In the old postal code system home for the blind received the postcode 8888th