Blitzkrieg (Band)

Blitzkrieg is a heavy metal band from Leicester (England). It belongs to the style-defining bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Band History

After the band was founded in October 1980, they soon received a recording contract with the label Neat Records. There the single Buried Alive, on the B- side of the song was included blitzkrieg appeared. After the band had recorded a song for the compilation Lead Weight, followed by an extensive tour of England. The band broke up early in December 1981 again.

Brian Ross and Mick Moore founded only Avenger and then toured (1983 ) with Satan. Since Ross was of the opinion now that it was finally time to release the debut album of Blitzkrieg, one soon began shooting. The album A Time Of Changes, whose publication in 1981 actually already should have taken place, appeared in 1986.

Large became famous for the band as Metallica, the former B-side blitz on Maxi- Single Creeping Death ( and on Garage Inc. ) published as a cover version and drummer Lars Ulrich described the band as a formative influence on the band's style. Now, the song appeared on countless compilations.

1991 appeared that recorded in the previous year, Album 10 Years Of Blitzkrieg, where new versions of two songs from the single, as well as three new songs are heard. The next album was Unholy Trinity, which was released in 1995 and whose recordings had taken three years. It received consistently good reviews, while the band appeared several times in Greece and Germany. There she played among others at the Wacken Open Air on August 8, 1998. Shortly before, on July 13, the album The Mists of Avalon had appeared on the Glenn S. Howes his return to the band celebrated and Tony J. Liddle replaced.

1999, the band expand their successes and has performed at the U.S. Festival Metal Meltdown 1 before Ross injured in a car accident in April 2000, so that a break of half a year was necessary. Shortly thereafter, he put together a new cast that once again contained Liddle on guitar. In addition to writing songs for a new album, the focus has been primarily on samples for the presence on the Swedish Motala Festival, where the band on February 16, 2002 occurred. After the album Absolute Power was recorded, the band performed at the Metal Meltdown 4 along with Diamond Head and Saxon and played on August 3, again in Wacken. This is remarkable, since there are few bands that were brought two performances at the festival. After the release of Absolute Power on 7 October 2002 was followed in 2003 a renewed line-up changes on guitar, as Ken Johnson Liddle replaced. In 2004, the live album Absolutely Live! published, the 2005 Sins & Greed followed.

After break of several years and several line-up changes, the band announced in summer 2012 on a new album for the end of 2012. Partly festival appearances in Europe to be completed, while the band plays also already some songs of unreleased new album.


  • A Time Of Changes (1985 )
  • 10 Years Of Blitzkrieg (1991 )
  • Unholy Trinity (1995 )
  • Ten (1997)
  • The Mists Of Avalon (1998)
  • Absolute Power (2002)
  • A Time Of Changes - Phase 1 (2003)
  • Absolutely Live! (2004)
  • Sins & Greed ( 2005)
  • Back From Hell ( 2013)