Blizna is a village with 250 inhabitants in the south-eastern Poland. It belongs to the rural municipality ( gmina wiejska ) Ostrow in powiat Ropczycko - Sędziszowski, Subcarpathian Voivodeship. Near Blizna the SS Truppenübungsplatz heath camp was.

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For this training area was the training and testing battery relocated to the bombing of Peenemünde in October 1943 444, the further attempt starts under field production conditions with the aggregate A 4 - called V 2 - conducted. Also where the operating teams for the field- even starts on the Western Front were trained. A dud this experimental and educational offs were Polish Home Army partisans of the AK in the woods near Blizna. The Polish partisans had previously observed the launch and photographed, and reported to London. On July 25 and 26, 1944, then launched the campaign " Operation III Most ( Wildhorn III) ". In the adventures of ways the essential parts of the rocket were by plane with a C 47 - are transported Dakota via Italy to England, which were then examined and evaluated there. For the first time came as part of the V 2 in the hands of the Allies.

At the site a monument was erected after 1990 for the action and the partisans.

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