Bloc of Left and Center-left Forces

The block Left forces is a 2009 founded Party Alliance in Ukraine. Involved in the alliance are four Social Democratic and Communist parties lined up for the 2009 presidential election for the first time a common candidate, the Chairman of the Communist Party Petro Symonenko. The current electoral potential of the alliance is estimated to be about 4%.

Two of the parties ( KPU, VSDPU ) were formerly members of the Ukrainian parliament, the VSDPU 2006 is excreted because of the failure of the blocking clause from this, even though they represented a major faction in the 1990s. The KPU has lost in parliament since the late 1990s, 4/5 of their seats. The two parties hope due to the formation of a block - similar to those of the larger organizations such as the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko - a united and reinforced re-entry into the national Parliament, together with its two partners. The problem here is that in two of the other block involved social democratic parties and the cooperation with the more orthodox communists among the social democratic parties is not without controversy.

Member parties


The most important representatives:

  • Pyotr Simonenko, KPdU, Party Chairman, Presidential Candidate
  • Viktor Medwedschuk, longtime chairman of the VSDPU, also chairman of the Ukrainian Bar Association
  • Leonid Kravchuk, VSDPU, former Ukrainian president, resigned in 2009 in protest against the blocking with the Communists
  • Yevhen Marchuk, VSDPU, former Prime Minister and Minister of Defence of Ukraine

Pictures of Bloc of Left and Center-left Forces