Blog fiction

A blog is a novel published in form of blogs on the Internet novel text. The individual novel passages are successively released as a successive blog posts. The use of the term novel does not imply that a book (ie, a text with a binding, permanent version) is emerging. The expression of a number of individual blog posts in book form represents at Editorial novels the exception rather than the rule dar.

Depending on the intention and the part of the author provided interactive involvement of the audience in the creative process of the text, readers can comment on the respective sequences of text here or even take directly through their suggestions and wishes on the Continuous and content of the novel's action influence.

As examples for the various configuration options of this interactive space between author and reader which is about the same time resulting in the German speaking blog novel projects can and sixty degrees of Karen Liller and Wrangelstraße of Sebastian Kraus are given, also the papers of PentAgrion by Jules van der Ley and thus associated " non-fiction " The file PentAgrion and Alban Nikolai Herbst's blog novel The windows of Sainte -Chapelle.

While Liller their readers actively in their own writing process involves with in the context of a parallel incurred to blog Romanroman blogs, questioned in open questions or problems therein for advice or can vote on the naming of a later fictional character, is the participation of the reader in Kraus initially limited to the opportunity to comment on the novel text. For this, the author binds here it has received comments and readers' votes in its own text sequences and in fictional alienation directly in the novel context of a. Fall blog novel itself was created directly during a short stay in Paris and was simultaneously published in the literary blog and the responses of others. During the publication of the individual parts a lively poetic discussion, in which the author participated developed.

Currently operated projects (as of September 2012) are There are more worlds than these by Britta Kretschmer and SOS! Summer without Su by Jan P. Zille.

As a literary text that is created on the World Wide Web, the blog novel from literary studies is attributable to the area of ​​network literature.

The publication of the Roman text in consecutive sequels can be considered literary history as contemporary link with the literary tradition of the serialized novel or as their extension and transfer.

Occasionally postings are summarized in blogs and sold as a print works. This applies, for example, to the previously published books by Mrs. Friday, both of which became best sellers (both # 1 on the "Spiegel" bestseller list for paperback books in the years 2011 and 2012 ). Other postings will be prepared for the printed version so that a mixture of blog entries and comments of a novel narrator arises.