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The Bludenz Train Station is a train station in 1872 eröffneter the Austrian town of Bludenz in Vorarlberg and is located at 558 m above sea level. A.. , The junction station is situated on the Arlberg railway, the railway Bludenz- Schruns Vorarlberg and the web.


The track line of the Arlberg railway is how the Bludenz flowing through Ill as well as all main roads in northwest-southeast direction in the middle of the city. The station building is on the northeast side of the track line downtown facing. On the opposite side route (southwest) is the freight station.


Railway land

Bludenz has unusually extensive railway installations. The web site covers an area of ​​about 200 ha for the passengers, it is next to the main platform two more platforms with four tracks. Additionally exists of Northwest and Southeast ever a dead-end track. The center of the railway property by pulling a drive-through track.

Eight sidings are provided for the freight. In the northwest corner are several tracks since the introduction of a second line track, which was completed only in 1995, of Bregenz set for locomotives and railcars. South of it there is a new depot with ten tracks.

Reception building

The old station building is created in three axes in plan. The three parts of the building eaves are next to each other and are connected by a mittelachsiges, lying parallel to the railway track side buildings. The length of this cross building is located on a spacious forecourt canopy that is more recent.

In the building are away from the train station typical facilities and offices and a canteen for railway employees.


After twelve years of discussion, the city council has decided Bludenzer the transformation of the station area on 26 September 2008. It is there to largely disappear motorized road transport. Next to the station forecourt and the northerly Kasernenplatz is remodeled well as the employees to be rebuilt. With completion of the work is to be expected in 2011.


The station is served by long-distance and regional trains. In the two- hour run Railjet trains Wien Westbahnhof - Feldkirch, which are further linked through to Bregenz, Lindau or Zurich HB. A pair of trains runs Zurich -Budapest daily. In addition, there Intercity trains come to Münster, Innsbruck and Vienna. Night trains to Zurich, Bregenz, Vienna, Budapest, Graz, Zagreb and Belgrade. In regional traffic driving regional express train to Lindau, Bregenz harbor and Schruns, also have here the S1 ( Bludenz- Bregenz) and S4 ( Bludenz- Schruns, Montafon Railway ) of the S -Bahn Vorarlberg their starting point.