Blue Diamonds

The Blue Diamonds were a Dutch Doo wop duo, which was successful in the 1960s in German-speaking countries.


Ruud de Wolff ( born May 12, 1941 † 18 December 2000) and Riem de Wolff ( born April 15, 1943) were born in Indonesia. Along with her ​​parents, her sister and her younger brother, the two came in 1949 in the Netherlands. On her father's wish, they learned to play guitar and formed after the extent that even were able to accompany the singing, the late 1950s, a band. In an appearance at a cultural festival they were discovered in 1959 and received a recording contract under the artist name, the " Blue Diamonds ". The first single Till I Kissed You, a cover version of the hit song of the Everly Brothers, sold so well that you compare it with other titles of the Everly Brothers tried to these prohibited Alamoth their titles.

Producer Jack Bultermann then sought from the archives of older titles out, missed them a contemporary arrangement and offered it to the young duo. Even before the title appeared on record, the duo was invited to Dutch TV, where they introduced the title of Ramona. Here is a song from the 1920s, who was then a slow waltz. The Blue Diamonds made ​​a snappy foxtrot it. It was their biggest success. After the title had already been sold in the Netherlands 250,000 times, he was also included in German and the duo had in Germany so his biggest hit, for which she also received the gold record. Overall, Ramona was released by the Blue Diamonds in five languages ​​, and with the English version, the title could place both in the U.S. charts, as well as in the British charts. In Spain and France, Ramona also became a hit. In Germany, the Blue Diamonds were guests in numerous television shows and were also seen in two feature films and listen. In the film, the song of the Blue Diamonds Ramona was briefly heard only at the beginning, full length, it was there sung by Willy Hagara.

In 1962, the two drafted into the military and therefore had to take a break in their career. But in 1963 they succeeded with the German host of Sukiyaki another huge hit. 1965 took the Blue Diamonds in part at the German Schlager- Festspiele. Your title Give your word, Linda Lou reached # 6 It was also their last title with which they came in the German hit parades. In 1971 they were in his native Holland, the stars in the musical Ten Commandments million, which ran so successful that it was used in other countries for the performance, there also with the participation of the Blue Diamonds. In Germany, the musical has been known by a television version. The popularity of the Blue Diamonds came by successful tours of Europe, Asia and Central America expressed. Your world repertoire is estimated to be 130 items, their record sales amounted to twenty million.

On 18 December 2000 Ruud de Wolff died in Driebergen. His brother Riem occurs occasionally still with his son Steffen.

Plate successes in Germany

( Title, year, label, charts placement)

  • Ramona, 1960, Fontana, 1
  • As then in Paris, in 1961, Fontana, 3
  • Ahoi- Ohe, 1961, Fontana, 11
  • A ship travels to Shanghai, 1961, Fontana, 13
  • Blue boat of longing, 1962, Fontana, 30
  • Angelina, let the crying, 1962, Fontana, 30
  • My Sunny Sunshine, 1963, Fontana, 37
  • Sukiyaki, 1963, Fontana, 2
  • Sweet Loraine, 1964, Fontana, 36
  • Rag Mop, 1964, Philips, 40
  • Give your word, Linda Lou, 1965, Philips, 39
  • Love me! ( All of me ), Fontana
  • Mandolinata, Fontana
  • Itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini beach Honolulu, Fontana