Blue Moon (game)

à la carte Card Game Award 2004: 5th place Gamers Choice Award 2004: Finalist 2 players Toy Innovation Award 2004

Blue Moon is a card game by Reiner Knizia for two players in order of appearance Franckh - Kosmos Verlag, 2004. At the launch of the base game at the Nuremberg Toy Fair Blue Moon has been with the Toy Innovation Award 2004 in the category " experience " excellent. Since then, nine extensions have appeared.

An English version of the game is published by Fantasy Flight Games, a Dutch and a French at 999 Games at Tilsit Editions.

A special charm radiates from this game too, because each card set of the nine nations with whom one can go to war, was illustrated by another well-known artist. Other peoples cards were introduced as enhancements, including promotional cards that were not commercially available. In total there are 344 different cards.

Game scenario

The old king died, the Blue Moon God has turned his back on his world, and the sacred golden dragon ( Ordrac ) has fallen. Chaos reigns in the destroyed city of Blue Moon City. The Sacred Crystal of Psi has disintegrated into a mass of splinters; the two heir to the throne ( Prince Roland and Princess Elinor ) accuse each other of being responsible for the decay of the crystal, and try to usurp the throne of Blue Moon by war itself.


The objective of the game is to defeat using one of the nine nations or with a self zusammengestelltem from the League of deck your opponent and assemble the Psikristall again. It is fought with the elements of fire or earth. Each player picks a character to his opponent, who must block out the attack and then you have him with equal strength or stronger answer. It can also be played reinforcements and supports to support the characters. To win, the player of three ancient dragons are rewarded with parts of the Psi- crystal. Who can make up the crystal again, will be the new King of Blue Moon.

Blue Moon, the book

This book draws on the world and the peoples of the game and tells an adventure story in the style of traditional fantasy.

  • Frank Rehfeld Blue Moon. Langen -Müller, Munich 2006, ISBN 3-7844-3032-5

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