Blue Mountains (Pacific Northwest)


The Blue Mountains (German "Blue Mountains" ) are a mountain range in the northeast of the state of Oregon and southeastern Washington state in the United States as part of the Columbia Plateau. The Blue Mountains are one of the many mountains in the Pacific Northwest of North America. The definition of the Blue Mountains is not generally recognized: The Geographic Names Information System of the USGS counts added all the mountains northeast Oregon, and their offshoots to Washington to the Snake River, but without the Wallowa Mountains in the far northeast of the area. The peak excavators database is bordered to the south from the South Columbia Plateau designated mountain ranges, so that Blue Mountains referred to there only the northern part.

According to the definition of peak excavator has the area 49,770 km ², of which are 82 % in Oregon and 18% in Washington. Its highest mountains are the Elkhorn Crest with the 2,763 meter high Rock Creek Butte. The Strawberry Mountain ( 2755 m) is the next highest mountain in the region outside the Elkhorn Crest, he is but only as defined by the USGS in the Blue Mountains, Peak excavator lists him as the highest mountain of South Columbia Plateau. Large parts of the mountains belong to the National Forestry Umatilla National Forest, Wallowa - Whitman National Forest and Malheur National Forest.

Larger rivers that flow through the mountains, are the Grande Ronde River and parts of the John Day River.

The U.S. Highway 26 leads on a pass road ( Blue Mountain Pass) up to a height of 1545 m in the south of the mountain. The Oregon Trail led in the 19th century over the mountain range.

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