Blue Streak (Cedar Point)

Blue Streak at Cedar Point ( Sandusky, Ohio, USA) is a wooden roller coaster by the designers Frank D. Hoover and John C. Allen and the Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters manufacturer with the serial number 131, which was opened on 23 May 1964.

The name means something like Blue Streak Blue train. However, not only the train is colored blue, but - apart from the rails - the whole train.

She is currently the oldest roller coaster in the park.


The track has a classic out-and -back layout. After leaving the station, the train reached after a left curve the 24 m high lift hill. At the top of the passengers expected a 22 m high departure of 45 °. There are some hills to the train reaches one end of the route. There, the train makes a 180 ° left turn, so he opposed moves parallel to the existing route. Here the route has also some hills before riding in the covered circuit brake.

Blue Streak has two trains with four cars. In each carriage six people ( three rows of two people) take place. This has a maximum capacity of 1400 people per hour is possible.