Blue System

Blue System was a project of Dieter Bohlen, he 1987 - after the first resolution by Modern Talking - founded. 1998 ended piles the project. Former studio singer Dieter Bohlen try to continue under the name Systems in Blue, while Dieter Bohlen himself under his own name produced a new album.


From the sound and film genre, the project is assigned to the Euro disco and Euro Dance. The project was compared to Modern Talking less successful and best known in the German-speaking countries and in Russia. " Blue System " actually stood as a synonym for Dieter Bohlen with changing musicians and dancers for performances. The music is characterized by a characteristic, strong percussion accompaniment and bombastic synth effects. Also minor tones were often used, especially in the intros of the songs. The most successful single was called Under My Skin and made it to number 6 in the German charts. There were always too experimental songs like " Save Me " (1989), "Behind The Silence" ( 1990), which was entirely instrumental, and also duets as in 1990 "Love Is Such A Lonely Sword" with Audrey Motaung and " It's All Over " (1991 ) with the world star Dionne Warwick. While the success of the singles subsided, the album " Backstreet Dreams" in 1993 could climb to 5th place on the LP charts. In the mid- 90s, the sale of the albums gradually subsided, there was a musical turning point for the album "21st Century". The subsequent albums such as " X - Ten" (1994 ) orient by the then-popular Euro - dance sound and have stronger bass and beats. The choruses have now been taken over mainly by female voices. However, it was not possible to reconnect with the early success of Blue system with the new musical course. Best-known single of this period is " Laila " ( 1995), which made ​​it to position 29 of the singles chart. Other singles were well below.

With the single "Love Will Drive Me Crazy" and the comeback of Modern Talking 1998 Project Blue ended system.

After the but -time end of Modern Talking Detlef Wiedeke, Michael Scholz and who died on September 16, 2007 Rolf Köhler went, former studio singer for Blue System and Modern Talking, claiming to the public that " From planks themselves [ ... ] not a single sound on the records originated. " Dieter Bohlen had indeed been the face of Blue System, but the song he had always been acutely own lack of talent of others.

The three singers mentioned made ​​since 2003, and copy music under the name " System in Blue" the sound and even the logo of " Blue System ". In the chart positions " System in Blue" were unable to match " Blue System " however. Their first single was called " Magic Mystery". The first album "Point Of No Return " was released in 2005, the second album "Out Of The Blue " was released in March 2008.

Meanwhile, Dieter Bohlen also sings itself again - most recently in 2007 with Mark Medlock - but now under his own name.

The Blue -system sound seemed at this stage to all the artists that have been produced by Bohlen, such as Roy Black, Al Martino or Engelbert and Bonnie Tyler.


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