Blue Tiger (locomotive)

The DE- AC33C is a diesel-electric locomotive for heavy freight. It was developed by ADtranz in cooperation with the U.S. company General Electric. At Deutsche Bahn AG locomotives are under the 250 series. Under the name " Blue Tiger " was the marketing of the series.


The locomotive springs from the originally conceived as a platform Blue Tiger locomotive family. She received the end of 2004 admission to driving on steep grades in Germany. After two more locomotives were built based on the technology of the prototype for railways operating in the Asian region, in early 2005, the announcement Bombardier to manufacture only larger orders to locomotives and another active application in favor of a private development on the basis of the TRAXX refrain family. Therefore, it is uncertain whether further locomotives of this series will be created. Overall, a demonstrator (prototype ), 10 locomotives for the German market, 30 locomotives for Pakistan and 20 locomotives for Malaysia were built.


The locomotive has a medium-speed 12-cylinder diesel engine with 2460 kW power and AC technology from General Electric. These components come from other successful Lokkonstruktionen the American company. From Adtranz Henschel Flexifloat bogies and the mechanical design of the locomotive were introduced in the partnership. Each wheel set of the locomotive is equipped with an air-cooled IGBT inverter, in addition, it has a computerized diagnostic system.


The once blue - gray painted and provided with tiger motif prototype was initially later used by BASF, of Minden orbit and eventually sold to the Osthannoversche Railways AG ( OHE ). When the period of the locomotive and thus the specific authorization expired as a prototype vehicle, extensive modifications were required to use the machine can continue. In addition to reinforcing the front of the vehicle by welded steel beams, the locomotive also received a round mesh on the sides.

Locomotives of this type are used in Germany exclusively by private railway companies, such as the Osthannoverschen railways AG or ITL Dresden. Previously, a majority of the locomotives were organized into a rental pool manufacturer Bombardier, after the first major customer, the CEC, had resigned with regard to which delaying approval of the purchase. Caused a sensation in a series of tests was carried out in January 2005 the German Bahn subsidiary DB AutoZug who had let a few days of a locomotive class 250 trains her car.

The locomotives are divided as follows: