Blue Tornado

Blue Tornado Gardaland

The SLC ( 765 m Extended with helix ) is a standardized version of the roller coaster model Suspended Looping Coaster ( SLC short ) from the Dutch manufacturer Vekoma. The scoring for the inverted Coastern roller coasters have with each other on the same route, but are often different painted and discussed. From a total of 39 SLC 5 correspond to this type.


SLC ( 765 m Extended with helix) are driven by a 33.3 m high chain lift hill and reach a top speed of 80 km / h The track is the eponymous 765 meters long and contains five inversions in the form of the elements rollover, sidewinder and a double inline twist. The route corresponds to that of the SLC ( 689 m standard ), but the SLC ( 765 m Extended with helix) has an additional helix before the final brakes.

The trains of the SLC ( 765 m Extended with helix) consist of ten individual rows of seats with two seats. All take two trains and have a capacity of 1010 people per hour, the only exception is Blue Tornado Gardaland, the achieved with three trains a capacity of 1500 people per hour.

List of roller coasters the type SLC ( 765 m Extended with helix)