Blues Foundation

The Blues Foundation is an American foundation which is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the blues prescribed. The headquarters of the Foundation is founded in 1980 in Memphis, Tennessee. You are connected to 165 organizations.

It awards the annual Blues Music Awards, to 2006 Handy Awards, the most important music awards of blues music, and operates the Blues Hall of Fame. In addition to these prices for musicians themselves, it awards the Keeping the Blues Alive Awards, which are awarded only to non-musicians who have rendered outstanding services to the preservation of the blues tradition.

Once a year they organized the International Blues Challenge on Beale Street in Memphis. Here, there is both a conference for the various blues societies in the U.S. and a band competition for bands without a record deal. To promote young talent the Foundation also has a blues -in- the - Schools Program and the HART Fund (Handy Artist Relief Trust), a named after WC Handy Social Fund to support artists.

The foundation was based on a number of previous regional and local blues foundations and companies and was the first such organization at the national level. It has its headquarters in the former home of WC Handy in the Beale Street. In 2003 its budget was about one million dollars a year.


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