Bluetooth stack#BlueZ

BlueZ is the official implementation of a protocol stack of the Bluetooth wireless standards for Linux. It is being developed as free software under the GNU General Public License ( GPL) in the C programming language. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group recognizes him as qualified protocol stack. The packages bluez -utils and bluez-firmware contain additional configuration and testing tools:

Hidd is the daemon for Human Interface Device (HID ). There are frontends like btscanner or BlueSniff to additional tools.


The project was launched by Qualcomm. 2001 BlueZ was released as free software, and recorded on July 4 this year in the Linux kernel (kernel version 2.4.6 ). 2005, the project TuxMobil the GNU / Linux Award won for his contribution to improving networking Linux-based mobile devices. In 2006 it supported all the core protocols and layers of the standard. Version 3.0 broke the backward compatibility of the programming interface (API). On August 6, 2008 Version 4.0 was released, again with a compatibility break (D -Bus ) API has been cleaned up and the support GModule was changed by removing the support for EGlib completely on GLib. With version 4, the code repository from SourceForge attracted to the Linux kernel to website and there were the repositories of bluez -libs and bluez -utils merged.