Blum field was a German pop band in Hamburg ( 1990-2007 ). They counted - in addition to Tocotronic and the stars - the most important representatives of Pop - style hamburgers school and were even after the end still considered one of the most influential and successful combos of the German indie scene.


Blum field was founded by members of the defunct band "The Black Channel" and " bee hunter " in the spring of 1990. The band is after the main character of a short story by Franz Kafka named ( Blum field, an elderly bachelor ). Your original highly coined by guitar feedback sound has changed since a reshuffle of the band mid-90s to a more pop-oriented sound. The most important feature, the interleaved, presented by the singer Jochen Distelmeyer partly in recitative German texts, which combine figurative language in their own worlds of emotion with social criticism. Not least because of their sophisticated texts was seen Blum field for a long time as a model - intellectuals band, but its now simpler messages to a wider audience made ​​accessible (also via radio airplay ) on recent releases.

The music Blum field is marked by a deep engagement with the social environment, particularly in the focus of the texts often are the (im ) possibility of couple relationship as well as the human being as part of a rigid consumer society. Anxiety, depression, insecurity, disorientation, on the other hand resistance and protest against the company and again the love as the central motif are important terms that will be discussed and worked in safflower Meyers texts. The sometimes dark and melancholy coloring their music leaves the listener sometimes assume a pessimistic attitude, but contrasts with optimistic pieces.

Although it was never a question for Distelmeyer to write the expressive lyrics of the band in a language other than German. One receipt for projects such as quotas for German -language music on the radio or the targeted strengthening of a "new German self- consciousness" of German -language music Blum field but has refused decidedly.


In January 2007, Blum field announced singer Jochen Distelmeyer decided in consultation with the other members to dissolve the band. Prior to its dissolution, the band went in April and May 2007 farewell tour. Their last concert took place in her hometown of Hamburg on 25 May 2007.

After the dissolution appeared a number of appreciations. So put Christof Meueler in the boys world Blum field in a series of "big West German protest bands " with Sharam and the wrong colors. The world pays tribute Blum field as "one of Germany's most influential pop bands of recent years ", which was quickly successful with "their edgy, energetic music and the wayward and political texts ," but did not want to " leave drawers [ ... ] press" in. Distelmeyer " have with titles such as " gray clouds "," dictatorship of Adjusted "or" illness as a way of "many critics say [ created ] works of art that go far beyond quickly consumed pop songs. " Ingar Solty called Blum field in Friday as the " left-wing intellectuals of rock music in Germany " and certified Distelmeyer " an expressionist- poetic language that will remain unmatched in pop culture in the long term. " The " shallow sounds " on the albums Old Nobody and Testament of fear and the move to a wider audience interprets Solty so that Blum field " responsible public thinking" took it and " the dialogic pedagogy of organic intellectuals in the sense of Gramsci's " set. Bertrand Klimmek puts it in the Jungle World, that Blum field holds a unique position because no other band " was taken seriously," even if she " is allowed at a time [ had ] to play hit".

Jochen Distelmeyer announced in July 2009 at the start of a solo career, his solo debut "Heavy " was released on 25 September 2009.



  • I Machine ( 1992)
  • L' état ​​et moi (1994 )
  • Old Nobody ( 1999)
  • Testament of Fear ( 2001)
  • The world is beautiful (2002, re-release of the singles from the years 1991 and 1992 )
  • Beyond each (2003)
  • Forbidden Fruit (2006)
  • One more song - The Anthology Archives Vol 1 (2007 - 5 CD - Box, republication plus bonus material )


  • Ghetto World (1991 )
  • Slow Motion (1992 )
  • Dream: 2 (1992 )
  • Out on bail (1994 )
  • Amplifier ( 1995)
  • A thousand tears deep ( 1999)
  • Status: Quo Vadis (1999)
  • Gray clouds (2001)
  • The dictatorship of Adjusted (2001)
  • Waves of Love (2001)
  • We are free (2003)
  • New Morning (2003)
  • Tics (2006)


  • Naked as nude / Live in Berlin ( 2007) - concert film, taken at a farewell concert in Berlin Postbahnhof