BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

BMW 318d GT

The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (short: 3 Series GT; internal series F34 ) is a hatchback based on the 3 Series ( F30), which has been available since June 2013. With the BMW 3 Series GT adds 3 Series added a new body variant.

The silhouette is similar to that of a coupe, but the dimensions of the body opposed to the usual 3 are much larger, so that the 3 Series GT will combine the types sedan and wagon. The starting price is 36 150 EUR (as of March, 2013, including 19 % VAT).


The side windows are frameless like the 5 Series GT. For the first time in this model a BMW leads an active extendable rear spoiler, this is traveling at 110 km / h and at 70 km / h again, but can also be manually operated electrically. With the aid of the rear spoiler of the lift at the rear axle is reduced by up to 35 %. The vehicle is offered in four different trim levels (M- Sport Package, Sport Line, Luxury Line and Modern Line ), which settle from one another by certain features.


For the launch of Gran Turismo 3 is available in five engine variants. Two turbocharged 2- liter four-cylinder diesel and three petrol engines with 2-3 liters and 4 or 6 cylinders. Additionally since 7/2013 is a dual turbocharged 2- liter four-cylinder diesel available.