BMW 600

The BMW 600 is a four-seater small car Bayerische Motoren Werke, which had been developed from the BMW Isetta. A special feature is the front entrance through a front door instead of through side doors in this model. The engine design draws on largely back to the motorcycle boxer engine from BMW. Was built the vehicle from December 1957 to November 1959.

Vehicle data

The vehicle ( "big Isetta " ) awarded, according to contemporary reports, test by good workmanship and excellent road holding. From the cost- monocoque body was taken in regard to the stability and safety for the occupants aware distance. Technically remarkable were also the all-synchromesh gearbox and asymmetrical passing beam - both were of German small car so far. Because of its distinctive, space-saving design with front door and one side door for the rear seats, however, the BMW 600 was relatively few buyers. Another reason for the low sales numbers probably lay in the fact that the car with 3985 DM lay on the pricing level of a VW standard. This offered more generous space and a trunk; The BMW 600 has only a small storage recess behind the rear seat. 34 813 copies were produced in the nearly two -year construction period. Upon request, the vehicle with the automatic clutch Saxomat was available, a nicety, but hardly found popularity with the buyer.

4020 special models that were destined for export overseas were equipped with bumper brackets and Sealed Beam headlamps.