The BMW H2R (Hydrogen Record Car) is a test vehicle with hydrogen propulsion of the German car manufacturer BMW. The H2R became known by nine world records for hydrogen-powered vehicles that have been set up in 2004 as part of test runs on the BMW test track in southern France miramas. He has exhibited at BMW museum.

Technical data, dimensions

Unlike other car manufacturers BMW used in conjunction with the hydrogen drives the H2R no fuel cell, but a largely conventional gasoline engine, as it is installed in standard passenger vehicles. The engine in the H2R is based on the V12 with 6 liters, which is also used in the BMW 760i. This engine delivers 210 kW at H2R (285 hp). The H2R to a top speed of 302.4 km / h

The frame of the vehicle is made of aluminum, the body made ​​of carbon fiber.

The H2R is 5.4 meters long, 2.01 meters wide, 1.34 meters high and weighs 1560 kg ( including the driver).

The drag coefficient (Cd ) of the body is 0.21.