The BMW M57 is a six-cylinder diesel engine, which has been produced since 1998. He already won the category 2,5 - 3 liters of the International Engine of the Year award the years 1999-2002. The revised bi-turbo version won the same award in 2005 again.

The precursor of the M57 engine is the M51 engine, his successor to the N57 engine.



  • 2000-2003 BMW E39 525d in (120 kW)
  • 2001-2003 in the Opel Omega B 2.5DTI (110 kW)
  • BMW E60/E61 2003-2007 is 525d (130 kW)

In 1998, the M57 engine family was introduced with the 2.9 liter ( 2926 cc ) M57D30 as a novelty. There were two versions of the D30, which were similar in performance, but differed by 20 Nm in torque. Later, there was a variant with increased torque and also increased power. He came in the following models are used:

  • In the E38 730d as
  • In the E53 as X5 3.0d
  • In the E39 530d as
  • In the E38 730d as

2002 M57D30TÜ was with 3.0 liters ( 2993 cm ³) displacement than presented revised version of the D30, and thus as a high performance engine in the E65. At its launch, it had 160 kW ( 218 hp ) and 500 Nm, it was taken in 2003 on a 150 kW ( 204 hp) and 410 Nm reduced variant. 2004, a high-performance variant with Variable Twin Turbo ( stage charging ) was based on the M57D30TÜ introduced: 200 kW ( 272 hp ) and 560 Nm were due in 2004. He came in the following models are used:

  • In the E53 as X5 3.0d
  • In the E60/E61 as 530d/530xd
  • In the E65 730d as
  • In the E83 as X3 3.0d
  • In E60/E61 535d as

In March 2005, the 3.0 L ( 2993 cc ) was revised variant ( 231 hp ) and 500 Nm carried now 170 kW. In September 2006, it was reduced for the 325d to 145 kW ( 197 hp ) and 400 Nm, which in 2007 was followed also for the 525d. 2007, the engine power was again raised slightly. For 5-series ( E60/E61 ), X5 (E70 ) and X6 ( E71) is from rated power as the 173 kW (235 hp) and 520 Nm or 520 Nm at X5 and X6.

He came in the following models are used:

In September 2006, appeared on the basis of a revised version M57TU2D30 the engine from the 535d with 210 kW ( 286 hp ) and 580 Nm, which was used in the following models:

  • In E60/E61 535d as
  • In the E63 635d as
  • In the E70 X5 as 3.0sd
  • E71 X6 xDrive35d in as
  • In the E83 as X3 3.0sd
  • In E90/E91 335d as

Internally, the three variants of the M57TU2D30 by the suffix UL (lower power level, 145 kW), OL ( Upper power level of 170 kW ) and TOP ( Highest power setting, 210 kW) can be distinguished.

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