BMW X5 (E70)

BMW X5 (2006-2010)

The BMW E70 is a sport utility vehicle of the German car manufacturer BMW. He is the second generation of the BMW X5 and BMW E53 thus the successor of. The model was presented to the public in August 2006 and was at the Paris Salon for the first time accessible. Sales in the U.S. began in November 2006 while he started in March 2007 in Germany.


Like its predecessor, the E70 exclusively in the American plant of the BMW U.S. Manufacturing Company, LLC in Greer, South Carolina is made (next to the X6). The choice for this production site lies partly in the fact that the U.S. is also the main market of the X5 and thus the cost of hedging for dollar exchange rate fluctuations are reduced ( natural hedging ).

In autumn 2009, a limited edition of 500 vehicles Edition model appeared 10 years BMW X5.

The production was stopped in August 2013 because production of the successor model F15 started off.


The new X5 is equipped with an advanced all-wheel drive system, called BMW xDrive. Its chassis is preferred designed for use on paved roads. Another new feature is the optional third row of seats, which is, however, of limited use for persons over 1.70 m tall. As standard it has the iDrive system with up to 8.8 inch wide color screen and eight additional, programmable preset buttons.

Technical features which are also used in other BMW models, are also:

  • Active Steering - changed the steering ratio depending on speed and driving style
  • Adaptive Drive with active roll stabilization and adaptive shock absorbers
  • Head -up display - projects important information onto the windshield
  • Comfort Access - keyless access and ensures engine start
  • Daytime running lights on the " Corona Rings" around the main headlight units
  • Four -zone climate control

New is the Park Distance system that can be integrated into the image of the optional rearview camera.

BMW X5 Edition 10 years ( 2009)

V8 engine of the X5


In spring 2010, the X5 was a facelift ( LCI BMW called ) received. The revised model is available since 6 June 2010.

In the interior, no change was made. The appearance, however, was revised in so far that the front bumper is now no longer only partially painted. In addition, the fog lights hiked up slightly and are thus similar to the X6. Furthermore, now held the spotlight as well as the parking light rings in LED optics.

The engine range has been completely renewed. Above all, the new six -cylinder diesel engine is worth mentioning, which has now found its way into almost all series. In addition, the 6 -speed automatic was replaced with an automatic transmission with eight gears.

Also, several driver assistance systems have been introduced, such as Speed ​​Limit Info, the active cruise control or side view. This was especially important because it previously no such support was in the X5, although the competitors were offering this in this class already.

Rear view


The " shift-by -wire" 6- speed automatic transmission is standard equipment for all motors. It is electronically actuated mechanically but not wired on the new " joystick lever ". The gear indicator is via a small display in the selector lever. Currently (2007 renaming of production since August) are listed below engines available.

The X5 M has a twin-turbo V8 ( original motor N63B44 ), which is the first turbocharged M engine. Basis for the M engine is the familiar 4.4-liter V8, which is installed in the X6 xDrive50i. In addition, the X5M, together with the X6M the first M model, which has the xDrive which, however, like the other electronic chassis systems underwent an M- specific customization for even more driving dynamics.

In June 2008, ruled the Munich Regional Court that the Chinese SUV Shuanghuan SCEO represents the company Red Star Auto Manufacturing Company a copy of the BMW X5 first generation, prohibited the defendant importer in the " trade in Germany " offer these vehicles, and ordered the destruction all " vehicles with a certain appearance ", which stood by the defendant in possession or ownership ( ref.: 4HK O 16807 /07).


On 23 August 2011, the Federal Motor Transport Authority issued a recall of the models of the BMW 1 Series, 5 Series and 7 series, X3, X5 and X6 SUV. Affected are the model years 2008 and 2009. Reason is the fuel filter heater may overheat and cause a vehicle fire.

On August 21, 2013, was again a callback to the models in the 1, 5 and 7 - series and the two SUV X5 and X6. Affected are approximately 35,000 vehicles and onwards May, according to the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Till November 2009 This is due to a defect in the fuel filter heater for diesel models and can lead to a vehicle fire.

Pictures of BMW X5 (E70)