BMW xDrive

XDrive is the brand for the all-wheel drive system from BMW, which has been introduced since the publication of the BMW X3 in most brand model series.

The system is fitted as standard on the BMW X6. Optionally, it is for the current X1, X3, X5, 1, 3, 4, 5 Series, 5 Series GT, 6 and 7 (also in the touring versions F31 and F11), the variants with an extended wheelbase ( F02 ) and in the coupe variant E92 offered.


The system has a multi-disc clutch that can distribute torque front and rear variable within a few milliseconds. The distribution of the driving forces is done continuously and is constantly adapted to the driving situation. In extreme cases, the total force may be directed to an axis. To recognize the driving situation, the system incorporates dynamic stability control (DSC), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) of BMW, together and gets over here constantly the necessary information. For example, an under-or oversteer are identified and prevented by appropriate adjustment of the torque distribution. By opening the clutch gets more power to the rear axle ( prevent from understeer), closing the clutch in turn reduces oversteer.