Bnei Akiva

Bnei Akiva (Hebrew: בני עקיבא (children Akiwas ) ) is a religious- Zionist Jewish youth organization. With more than 125,000 members in more than 30 countries, it is the largest such youth organization in the world. It was founded on May 28, 1929 in Jerusalem, based still on the same motto: "Tora we'Awoda " (paraphrased: Religion and Labor).

After the Holocaust, an enormous increase in membership was reported to start with the goal of a Jewish state of Israel, to manage and inhabit. Later, the expansion into an organization of international relations began.


Bnei Akiva believes that it is a commandment of Judaism had to emigrate to Israel. The name refers directly to the story of Rabbi Akiva. According to the Talmud Akiba ben Joseph was a shepherd, began with 40 years studying the Torah and was after 13 years of study rabbi. The legend tells that Akiba as Moses was 120 years old, which underlines its importance. Bnei Akiva aims to educate Jewish youth with values ​​of Torah Va'Avodah ( Torah and Labor). Bnei Akiva slogan is " Am Yisrael Yisrael al pi Torat Yisrael b'Eretz. " ("The Jewish nation of Israel living in the land of Israel according to the Torah of Israel ").

Bnei Akiva in Switzerland

In 1936, the " Bnei Akiva Switzerland " was founded, which now exist in Zurich and Basel. In Geneva, there was formerly a snif ( "Branch " ), it was closed by the umbrella organization in Israel for lack of enough members. Currently one of Bnai Akiva Switzerland around 140 active members. Since summer 2011, Doron and Naomi Schachter act as shlichim. In Switzerland Bnei Akiva organizes every year two camps, one in summer and one in winter. Every two years there is also a hiking camps ( " Sayarim " ), for the two oldest Kwutzot (groups) from other European countries. The following year, then a four-week trip to Israel will take place, which has the " Chanichim " ( participants ) to bring the idea of Torah we ` Avoda closer, together with the ability to get to know the country exactly.

Bnei Akiva in Austria

In 1949 the foundation stone was laid for an Austrian representative.

Situation in Germany

In Germany, joint programs are organized with local communities.