Bnei Brak

Bnei Brak (Hebrew בני ברק, Arabic بيني بيراك, official, ajar to the English spelling in Israel: " Bene Baraq "; come due to the transfer from the Hebrew other spellings, such as " Bnei Brak ", above ) is a city ​​in Israel. It is located north-east of Tel Aviv and Gush Dan is one of their agglomeration. In Bnei Brak about 157,000 inhabitants, most of whom are ultra-Orthodox Jews ( Charedim ) are live. In the elections to the Knesset in 2006, 81 % of the population Bnei Braks selected ultra-Orthodox parties, a further 7 % chose religious- Zionist parties.


A " Bnei Brak " is mentioned in the Tanakh ( Jos 19,45 EU) as a city in the tribe of Dan, then also in the Talmud and in the Haggadah of Passover in connection with Rabbi Akiva.

The present city was founded on May 14, 1924 by Rabbi Yitzchak barley grain and a group of Polish Hasidim. In 1950 she was awarded the status of a municipality.

It forms one of the main centers of Torah study and Hasidic groups worldwide. In Israel Bnei Brak is next to Jerusalem regarded as the Charedi city at all.


  • Rabbi Yaakov Asher, since 2008 ( Degel HaTorah )
  • Yissochor Frankenthal
  • Mordechai Karelitz
  • Yerachmiel Boyer
  • Moshe Irish stone
  • Shmuel Weinberg
  • Yitzchak Meir
  • Shimon Soroka
  • Reuven Aharonovich
  • Moshe Begno
  • Yitzchak stye


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