BNI (organization)

Business Network International ( BNI) is a business network for business recommendations. Founded in 1985 by a management consultant and best-selling author Ivan Misner in the U.S., politically, religiously and ideologically neutral organization has established to date by its own account in over 50 countries with more than 150,000 members. For the German economy in DA -CH ( Germany, Austria, Switzerland ) 2003 BNI Germany was founded as a GmbH & Co. KG, based in Vienna. The first German entrepreneurial teams ( Chapter) were also founded in 2003. Meanwhile, the network in the DA -CH region 8,200 members (as of 2013).


Objective of BNI is to increase sales of affiliates through new contacts and business referrals. Each BNI member is always stopped to consider how it can help others. In this way the company will commission an additional sales generate, they would not have achieved without BNI.

Entrepreneurial teams

Entrepreneurs join as BNI Member entrepreneurial teams. Each team consists of up to 45 entrepreneurs from different fields - from architects about the lawyer, the roofer and the photographer to the IT professional. Each field is represented in a contractor team only once.

In the area of BNI Germany there are currently over 325 chapters, there are about 6,500 worldwide. The main pillar of the Chapter are mandatory weekly breakfast meetings. These meetings are determined by structured. The focus is on short presentations of the members and the dissemination of company recommendations. The shops are not made primarily within the team, but it is primarily about giving another member his business contacts and to get recommendations from other members. Every business owner needs to apply separately for the other chapter members in order to remain in the group after a year or two. The Chapter will not only worldwide, but also compared in each region by indicators ( benchmarks).


Members pay an admission fee in addition to an annual membership fee and a fee for the weekly breakfast meetings. You would receive a success controlling, organizing, workshops and a closed intranet to regional, national or worldwide to network with other members online.