BNN (Dutch broadcaster)

Bart's Neverending Network ( BNN ) is a broadcasting company within the Publieke Omroep, the public service broadcasting in the Netherlands. BNN broadcasts produced mainly for teenagers and young adults.

BNN originally started as a television show for private channel Veronica. Two years later joined one to the Publieke Omroep and produced since then as broadcasters several programs for the public radio and public television. The name BNN (originally Bart's News Network) was a parody of the name of CNN and refers to the founder, Bart de Graaff, in May 2002 at the age of 35 years died of kidney disease. Since then, the designation of BNN was renamed Bart's Neverending Network.

BNN broadcasts are aired since the realignment of Dutch television programs in the fall of 2006, mainly on Nederland 3.

BNN produced, inter alia, the Dutch version of the well known Top of the Pops, various youth series and also several music programs.

De Grote Donorshow

In June 2007, the station was due to the announcement of a transplant Show De Grote Donorshow the company Endemol, decide on the allocation of a kidney in the viewers via SMS should sharply criticized. The announcement sparked a huge wave of indignation. Shortly before the decision in the mission of the station announced that the show was only feigned. The putative donor had been informed in advance the actress Leonie Gebbink and the ( actually sick ) receiver candidates shown. The aim of the presentation was to draw attention to the low amount of donations in the Netherlands, partly in honor of the deceased on the day of broadcasting exactly five years ago, the founder, Bart de Graaff.