Bo Jonsson Grip

Bo Jonsson Grip (* unknown; † August 20, 1386 ) was a Swedish Empire Imperial Council and Drost and the largest landowners of his time in Sweden and Finland.

His name appeared in 1354 the first time in Swedish documents. Bo was from 1359 Imperial Council, from 1364 Vogt in Stockholm, from 1366 legal head in Östergötland and from 1369 the chief executive of the King Albrecht of Mecklenburg. From 1371 he was Reich Drost in Finland and Head of several Harden in Sweden.

Bo Jonsson came from the noble family of the grip. His goods he received mainly by pawnshop, included in their largest dimension 1/3 of Sweden and Finland total. It was obvious that Bo the large amounts of money, which he deposited as collateral with the royal house, not paid out of pocket. From his will, it was apparent that behind him stood a number of influential supporters. These helped Bo Jonsson mainly for political reasons. There should be a power base formed, which should prevent the Mecklenburg dynasty because spread further in Sweden. For this reason, separated Bo Jonsson in his will purely private goods, such as Gripsholm Castle and Castle Bjärka -Säby, strictly from the domains, which he managed for political reasons.

In a chronicle of the monastery of Vadstena Bo Jonsson's political power is described as strong, " that not even the king, Mr. Albrecht, could prevail against him, though he tried it several times ." In several contemporary sources, Bo Jonsson is described as greedy and mean. He was accused, for example, to have the murder of a pawn carried out or commissioned to take over its ownership later.

  • Swedish History ( Middle Ages)
  • Imperial Council (Sweden)
  • Swede
  • Born in the 13th or 14th century
  • Died in 1386
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